"...From getting time to spend with my family, to working with such talents as the instructors and fellow cast mates, to making new friends, and the memories alone!!!!! It's been AWESOME!!! Special thanks to Miss Dorothy for your devotion and organizational talents, ...To Miss Angelique for your talent, your constant support and Direction, you bring out the confidence to share our talents with the world!"

"...He grows with each Halo performance and enjoys all of the friends he makes and has lots of fun."

"...She is very happy to be in Halo. She has really come out of her shell since being with Halo."

"...Her parents think she is quite dramatic so Halo is a perfect fit. This is her fourth production and she is hooked. She loves performing on stage and has enjoyed all the wonderful friends she has made." 

"...Never in my life did I picture myself doing something like this, but as I have watched my family on stage and during rehearsals having so much fun and enjoying life, I felt I needed to be a part of it all. And, now I am! Thanks Halo!”

"...Halo rocks! It is one of the best things she's ever done in her life because it makes her feel confident! Getting to sing and dance and act on stage is really exciting! The instructors, her friends and family, especially Miss Angelique, inspire her to do her best and never give up!"

"...He says Halo has helped him build courage that he never had his whole life. With the confidence and courage that Halo helped him achieve, he had an awesome experience trying out for American Idol." 

"...Being a part of HALO is so awesome because I get instruction in acting, singing and dancing from professional people in a great environment. "

"...Although she is new to Halo, she has described her experience as challenging and fun. She has said that, as a newcomer, she was made to feel very welcome and comfortable by the cast members and has quickly made special friendships. She hopes to continue with Halo for years to come."
Karen & Hillary

"...Halo has given her experience, the courage to perform onstage and the desire to keep moving to reach her acting goals. Thank you, Halo."

"...She loves being a part of Halo and now has the courage to try out for the school play. Thank you Ms Angelique for helping me find my courage! " 
 Olivia  & Jessica

"...Halo’s program has taught him how to be confident in his performances, how to work on singing techniques and how important working as a group can make an awesome production."

A picture is worth a thousand words... 
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